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It takes a lot to stand out in Beijing’s competitive hair salon market

Beijing – Blue Mist, a hair salon designed by 123 Architects, features a flexible lecture space within the ocean-inspired interior design. 


This DIY bakery can teach you three things about the Chinese hospitality market

Anji, China – KCA’s design for Yakafu, a DIY bakery, speaks of the new trends developing in the Chinese retail and hospitality market. Here are three takeaways.


The final cut: Here are the nominees for the 2019 St-W Awards

Amsterdam – Our international jury has shortlisted clear concepts, category innovation and functional creativity for this edition of the St-W Awards. 


At St-W Lab, Exozet brings a new dimension to creative collaboration

AMSTERDAM – On 21 - 22 February 2018, experience technology straight out of science-fiction: a tool that allows multiple designers to connect in virtual reality.

The extension at this Mexican university accommodate a workshop for architecture and design students.

TID Annex by Atelier Ars

MEXICO CITY – Ateliers Ars recently completed an extension at the ITESO University in Mexico to accommodate a workshop for architecture and design students.

Happy Industry Festival will bring smouldering ovens and grinding machines to Rotterdam’s Museumpark.

Happy Industry by AVL Mundo

In the cultural heart of Rotterdam, the , artists, designers and producers will come together to experiment with industrial production methods at the Happy Industry festival.

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