Vienna articles


Looking for neon inspiration? This show uses bright hues from floor to ceiling

Vienna – In Vienna, the neon lights of the Slow Graffiti installation signed by Alex Da Corte made the visitors think of an indoor metropolitan skyline.


Iris van Herpen bends perceptions of femininity with installations for Swarovski

Vienna – Biomorphism, a collection of installations conceptualized by the fashion designer, expresses the surrealism of femininity and broadens Swarovski’s art-and-lifestyle reach.


European hospitality is getting a high-tech update

VIENNA – Laufen returns an infamous Japanese phenomenon to its European origins – with some important adaptations.

Butterfly Houses by Gerner Gerner plus. Photo Matthias Raiger

An apartment complex by Gerner Gerner plus emulates butterflies in a park

VIENNA – The architects describe it as ‘brimstone butterflies in a paradise garden’ in Vienna on Hohe Warte.


Ineke Hans’s designs address global issues in new exhibition

Vienna – Ineke Hans addresses global issues with her innovative designs in the ‘Was ist Loos’ exhibition in Vienna.

Tower of Power by Göbl Architektur. Photos Bruno Klomfar

Göbl Architektur installs a self-sufficient power source for electric vehicles

VIENNA – The Tower of Power is a direct consequence of contemporary society's increased interest in electric vehicles.

Mill 24 by Caramel Architects. Photos Hertha Hurnaus

Caramel Architects squeezes a complete living experience into a roof space

VIENNA – For quite some time, residents in the Austrian capital have relied on the ability to extend their townhouses vertically, converting roof space into extra quarters for living.

Steirereck’s extension is a series of narrow dining rooms shaped around individual tables.

Steirereck by PPAG

VIENNA – When one of the best restaurants in the world hosts a design competition, the results are sure to turn heads.

According to the architects, identity is more important that specialised floor plans.

‘Wohnen Mit Scharf!’ by Superblock

VIENNA – The recently completed apartment block in Vienna provides its diverse inhabitants with a strong identity.

French architect Dominique Perrault was selected to design a residential and office high-rise in Donau City.

DC Tower 1 by Dominique Perrault Architecture

VIENNA – The DC Tower 1 has officially reached completion and now stands proud as the tallest building in Austria.

‘Eastern Promises’ is on view at the MAK Vienna.

Eastern Promises at the MAK Vienna

VIENNA – Architectural and urban projects that innovatively combine social awareness, ecological strategies and artistic practices, make East Asia a pioneering hub for architecture.

The architects say the modern façade contrasts neighbouring history, creating a ‘lively dialogue.’

Hotel Topazz by BWM & Michael Manzenreiter

VIENNA – In Austria an ultra-modern hotel façade has been plopped into the city’s historic centre.

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