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How do you bring more customers in? By bringing them out, according to Freitag

Seoul – Designed in collaboration with Torafu Architects, the new Freitag flagship in Seoul offers an outdoors leisure space to its customers.

The façade gently hints at the colour scheme and materials inside

Aesop Kawaramachi by Torafu Architects

Our ongoing love affair with Aesop continues with their latest store in Japan. As regular readers will be aware, the Australian skin care brand commissions individual designs for every store, and …

The store in Shibuya is only 2.6m wide but makes the most of its small proportions.

Aesop Shibuya by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects transformed this slender interior on Meiji Street in Shibuya for Australian skincare brand Aesop. 

Hidden behind shielding concrete gabled walls is a compact, functional house.

House in Kitaoji by Torafu Architects

KYOTO – Located on a quiet corner of a Kyoto housing estate, a concrete house appears inaccessible – but is in fact designed with greater thought towards accessibility for wheelchair users.

The shops both define Aesop’s characteristics: quality, orderliness and intelligent design.

Aesop Yokohama + Shin-Marunouchi by Torafu Architects

Japanese firm Torafu Architects has designed two Aesop shops that demonstrate how one material can be applied in contrasting ways.