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We take music for granted – and this pop-up installation by Sonos wants to change that

London – Sonos took to a record store in London to show visitors, by way of sound layers and brainwaves, how difficult it actually is to bring now commonplace music to our ears.


The IKEA-Sonos speakers are a big deal… because you hate your neighbours

Milan – The new Symfonisk WiFi speakers, released during this Milan Design Week, are IKEA’s way of saying that freedom from urban noise should be a primary right.


Our top picks for Milan Design Week: A full day of highlights

Milan – From Alcova’s rapid growth to IKEA’s much-awaited Sonos partnership, here are some Milan Design Week featuring unexpected entries and potential crowd-pleasers. 


Into immersive experiences? Here are three tips from a brand doing them well

Eindhoven – For the Sonos x St-W Sound Challenge, we worked with the brand to produce an experiential installation. Here are some of the lessons we learned from them.  


In the era of headphones, this installation urges you to make and share sound

Eindhoven – At this year’s Dutch Design Week, Studio Lonk and sound designer Mark IJzerman use the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection to export the sense of home.


Sonos and St-W explore how sound can evoke memories of home at DDW 2018

Eindhoven – The audio brand offers visitors to this year's Dutch Design Week a sensorial refuge from the city.


Sonos knows millennials are homebodies – actually, they’re counting on it

Amsterdam – In Amsterdam, the speakers brand geared up for the low temperatures with Comfy Season, a celebration of the things that make people want to stay in. 


Finding meaning at Milan Design Week

MILAN – Showing a collection is no longer enough – an emotional response must be provoked. St-W looks back at the most meaningful experiences of the week.


A good time, not goods: Sonos Store makes space for Bowie and more

Berlin – Appreciation of music is the focus of the newly opened Sonos Concept Store, which hosts live events and unique product demonstrations.

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