Rotterdam articles


‘Dutch life was like being squeezed into a corset,’ remembers OMA’s Ellen van Loon

Rotterdam – Ten years in a boarding school taught Ellen van Loon how to create a private space in her mind – a skill that serves her well as OMA partner. 


Nine ambassadors of innovation shaped the most recent MaterialDistrict exhibition

Rotterdam – MaterialDistrict tapped nine ambassadors, including architect Ben van Berkel and Fashion Council NL founder Liesbeth in 't Hout, to represent six market sectors.


From oysters to cheese, MaterialDistrict presents the building blocks of the future

Rotterdam – Walls made of fungi, coffee couture and bioplastics made of cheese, weeds or manure? Welcome the latest innovations at MaterialDistrict Rotterdam.


Can hotels surprise us even when we can see everything in advance online?

Rotterdam – Leaning on both the hyper focus of genius loci and a bird’s-eye view of its audience, the new Room Mate Hotel in Rotterdam does mid-market hospitality well. 


Book now or never: This travel agency takes you to places with an expiration date

Rotterdam – To confront globetrotters with their impact on the Earth, Felix Leenders set up a travel agency that offers excursions to destinations affected by climate change.


Capsule hotels are gaining ground in Asia and beyond

From a no-frills cell to colour-controlled surroundings, capsule hotels cater to guests in Japan and beyond.


Freitag’s pragmatic retail design feels right at home in Rotterdam

Rotterdam – Freitag by Eduard Leiden’s design honours the pragmatic sustainability exercised in both the brand and its host city.


The city hotels of the future takes millennial connectivity to new places

Rotterdam – Studio Modijefsky’s design for CityHub reveals that the future of travel is less about the space and more about facilitating experience of the local context.


Urban jungle office, Burle Marx style: StudioSpass takes inspiration from landscape art

Rotterdam,  – Colourful forms and furniture transform Cambridge Innovation Center’s common area into a surreal sculpture garden.


Anne Hardy creates a post-apocalyptic world where the only thing left is colour

Rotterdam – In the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Anne Hardy fills a site-specific colourscape with an assemblage of found objects that take on a strange new meaning.

Columbus by Kogonada.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Architecture Film Festivals

Around the world these events celebrate and showcase this other layer of architecture and here are three upcoming festivals to check out!

Matryoshka House by Shift. Photos Noortje Knulst

Shift's Matryoshka House questions the relationship between living spaces

Rotterdam – A run-down townhouse has been fixed up into two high-end apartments, stripped down to its bare bones with smaller elements suspended in the tall voids.

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