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Three generations in a single house? That’s nothing: How about three families?

Shanghai – AZL Architects designed a cross-generational house in the rural outskirts of Shanghai, allowing several family members to care for their ailing parents.


In Paris’ Station F, smart co-living design elevates the city’s tech start-up industry

Paris – Flatmates is a new Cutwork-designed co-living space that addresses the contemporary lifestyle shifts of the growing start-up community in the French capital.


Why does this apartment building have such a detailed underground parking space?

Málaga – Designed by Muñoz Miranda Architects, this residential apartment building in Málaga pays special attention to the car park, a space often overlooked by developers.


You see a broken-down farm, but this young photographer saw a studio-home

Herefordshire, England – Young photographer, Luke Evans, left London to move into an old barn in a countryside inhabited only by 1.600 people.


In Amsterdam Noord, this British lightship was turned into a permanent home

Amsterdam – Lightship 12 was renovated and restored by OTH Architecten over 12 years to give a Dutch media entrepreneur and his family a unique residential space in the crowded city.


This Chinese suburban house does justice to the natural environment around it

Tangshan, China – Designed by Archstudio, this suburban house in Tangshan uses brick and wood to live up to the natural beauty of the orchards and bodies of water around it.


This translucent two-generation home in rural Japan was inspired by greenhouses

Furano, Japan – Instead of tearing down a house that still holds Hokkaido’s agricultural heritage, Yoshichika Takagi turned it into a residential greenhouse for a large family.


This curved building in London shows not every house should be soundproof

London – Chance de Silva Architects and Scanner designed a residential house in London to explore the boundary between sound and architecture.


By building walls Japanese-style, designers can create instant openness in a house

Tokoname, Japan – By building walls with openings in this Japanese house, Suppose Design Office created a continuous space divided into smaller areas.


In a greenless neighbourhood in Kyoto, this house is all about the inside courtyard

Kyoto – In highly urban Kyoto, architecture studio 07Beach designed a wooden house that gravitates around a tree that grows in its centre.


Marcio Kogan delivered a self-sufficient pre-fab house in a remote Brazilian spot

São Paulo – Studio MK27’s Catuçaba house, nestled in the nature, works just as a modern, modular, and self-sufficient Brazilian farm.


In Los Angeles' Koreatown, this building hides some unexpected green spaces

Los Angeles – Mariposa1038, a 32-unit housing complex by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects, connects residents through clever outdoor spaces.


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