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Is this residence a test drive for a Crosby Studios-branded hotel?

Moscow – A mixed-use home showed architect Harry Nuriev how to deliver a new spatial experience on-brand with his studio’s retail and hospitality work.


What constitutes an authentic representation of an architect’s work?

Amsterdam – A project's renders secured the People’s Vote in the St-W Awards 2019 Large Apartment of the Year category, illuminating how the image has come to challenge material as …


How a young designer couple finds inspiration on a small Japanese island

Yakushima, Japan – After several years spent living and working in North America’s most desirable cities, designers Yoshiko Shimono and Eric Vivian decided to move to a subtropical …


Ann Demeulemeester wears a new hat, translating fashion design to homewares

Paris – Past fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester used her prowess in garment design techniques to create poetic collections of porcelain tableware and lamps with Serax.


In Beijing, Archstudio turns an old residential complex into a contemporary siheyuan

Beijing – Chinese architecture firm Archstudio has repurposed a group of isolated structures in Beijing by joining them with a smarter circulation route.


A retirement residence in Quebec helps senior citizens live better, by empathetic design

Sainte-Dorothée, Quebec – Montreal-based firm ADCF Architecture develops a humane residence to aid Québécois senior citizens in retaining their independence and autonomy.


This former designer left London and ended up becoming a successful beekeeper

Somerset, United Kingdom – Paul Webb is a former designer who decided to move from London to rural Somerset and become a beekeeper.


What can property developers learn from luxury brands? Ask Roksanda

London – To promote its WilkinsonEyre-designed apartment complex in London, real estate developer Argent brought in the help of fashion designer Roksanda Ilinčić.


‘Frustration can disappear very quickly when you’re surrounded by silence’

Is Aresus, Italy – Kyre Chenven (a Californian designer) and Ivano Atzori (a Milanese former graffiti artist) decided to open their studio in a rural area of Sardinia.


Three generations in a single house? That’s nothing: How about three families?

Shanghai – AZL Architects designed a cross-generational house in the rural outskirts of Shanghai, allowing several family members to care for their ailing parents.


In Paris’ Station F, smart co-living design elevates the city’s tech start-up industry

Paris – Flatmates is a new Cutwork-designed co-living space that addresses the contemporary lifestyle shifts of the growing start-up community in the French capital.


Why does this apartment building have such a detailed underground parking space?

Málaga – Designed by Muñoz Miranda Architects, this residential apartment building in Málaga pays special attention to the car park, a space often overlooked by developers.


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