YMS Salon by Kitsch-Nitsch

‘We believe design is taken too seriously, life is taken too seriously and styling is not taken seriously enough,’ the designers say.

A Slovenian hair salon offers a flashback to the glorious 80s (safe for the shoulder pads), as the studio bursts with clashing neon hues, flashy graphics and retro prints.

The project was commissioned by the salon chair, whose new line is targeting a younger audience. For the space, Slovenian design duo wanted to ‘keep things as wild as possible,’ filling the space with 80s-style furnishings and textures inspired by haircuts.

‘We added a few compulsory wall vinyl frescos and the salon was open for business,’ the designers say. ‘Being superficial, as we are, we love all things neon and chrome.’

Photos courtesy Kitsch-Nitsch.

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