Yachting House by Moomoo Architects

The yacht can be sailed directly into home's central living space.

WARSAW – Building a house can be a challenging task, let alone a house with an integrated port for a private yacht.

As per the client’s brief, Jakub Majewski and Lukasz Pastuszka of Moomoo Architects were commissioned to build the home in Poland and incorporate an area to anchor a yacht within the house’s structure.

‘A bold decision was made to introduce a water canal through the central area in the house and having a lock lift, which would allow the boat to sail in along the line of windows in the kitchen and living room,’ the architects say.

The angular, monochromatic home spans 700-sq-m, not including storage areas, mechanical rooms and the garage. The total property reaches 1457-sq-m with an unusual garden to boot. Despite having a yacht moored in the centre of it, the surrounding land can be used for parties and sunbathing.   

‘The house relates to the yacht not only in style and function, but also in detail,’ Pastuszka says. ‘Mooring handles inspired the railings on the terraces, while lounge areas have a change of floor level, which relate to the seating arrangements on the stern of a boat. The interior of the house is characterized by simplicity and is finished with the warm tones of wood.’

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