We Are Flowers by SOFTlab for Melissa

SOFTlab’s installation serves as an extension of the bright and bold aesthetic of Melissa.

New York-based planted a flowery installation inside Brazilian footwear brand ’s local flagship store. The studio translated their 2014 campaign We are Flowers into a colourful canopy. Although with a significant use of technology, the studio aims to recreate an environment formed by nature. Translucent flowers have been created out of coloured polyester – and placed onto a structural surface made of Mylar.

The Mylar net and all plastic petals have been designed using digital technology, where digital drawings have been used to program a laser cutter. Technology merges with craft to create the vibrant hanging garden inside the 565-square-metre gallery. Every detail of the engineered net has been put together by hand, comprising over 4000 pieces of the flexible plastic and 20000 coloured flowers. Funnel-shaped parts of the mesh drop down at specific points – which adds to the immersive atmosphere of the space. Materials used in the installation tie in with the brand’s main merchandise –  the classic plastic jelly shoe –  which they have been reinventing in every collection for over 25 years. SOFTlab’s installation exudes the brand’s bright and bold aesthetic, creating an inviting and joyful environment for the New York City sandal shoppers.

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