Time for something sour: Foodcurators dissects the yoghurt-making process at St-W’s KitchenLab

COLOGNE – Home-fermented foods are seeing a revival – something Foodcurators explores during a tasting and demo of its Yoghurt Clock during St-W’s KitchenLab, an exhibition held during IMM LivingKitchen.

The yoghurt-making process is straightforward: bacteria is added to milk, which breaks down lactose and converts it into lactic acid. After 24 hours, you have yoghurt. But dissecting that process into a 24-hour clock results in other possibilities along the way. Stopping fermentation earlier results in such products as whey shakes, yoghurt-based cosmetic products and yoghurt flakes.

Foodcurators will demo Yoghurt Clock at St-W’s KitchenLab on 20 January at 13:00 (stand A-028 Hall 05.2) at IMM LivingKitchen.

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