Thierry Wille's Taboustool updates a French classic with a material twist

Classical style has come full circle and entered into contemporary furniture design, an unexpected resurgence even today’s trend-forecasters could not have predicted. Belgian designer Thierry Wille’s latest venture with HI-MACS® is ready and set to stand out with Taboustool, an industrial reinterpretation of the Tabouret – a low stool popularised within 17th century France.

What might appear as simply a decorative tribute to a classic French design, has in fact been conceived with a keen focus to embody functionality and durability. Whereas other stools can bring discomfort through awkward joints, Taboustool eliminates this issue with a thermoformed smooth seat crafted from hard-wearing HI-MACS®, moulded and curved into an ergonomic U-shape. Whilst explaining the vision behind the decisively metropolitan design, Wille shared the importance of distancing this product from others currently in the market: ‘Most stools today are copies of each other. I wanted to create a tabouret that is comfortable, with arm rests and able to accommodate two different seating positions’.

LGHausys’s HI-MACS® comes in over a hundred colours to customise the seat itself, while the au natural Hevea wooden legs supporting the seat immediately catch the eye and spark intrigue. These finely constructed wing-like legs carry an understated refinement and showcase Taboustool as a delicate and modern object. Addressing the topic of furniture today, Wille explained the imminent role of design: ‘A growing amount of urban spaces have little space, we now need objects that are both smaller and multifunctional’. The future according to Thierry Wille will be a surprising one, filled with possibilities to reintroduce past design ideas into a present context.

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