The Student Hotel: more than a hotel and not just for students

EINDHOVEN – The city skyline has a new landmark. Designed by Sarafopoulos Architects, stands 80 metres tall in the formerly derelict Station Square. The modern hospitality space is an answer to the needs of Eindhoven’s 28,000 students, as well as the business travellers and young professionals who converge on the city for short-term assignments.

The Student Hotel offers ultra-modern collective living accommodation in cities across the UK, the , Spain and France. Facilities include short-stay and long-stay rooms, a gym, study halls, a library, lounges, workshop facilities, restaurant The Pool and an auditorium. Interior designers …,staat added to the flexible hospitality concept’s inherent sense of energy and fun by using bright pops of colour in the communal spaces, like sky-blue for the gym and sunshine-yellow for the lobby.

The result is a cool hybrid space to discuss a class assignment, hold a lecture series, work on your startup, or meet an investor – all before kicking back with some well-deserved after-work cocktails and a delicious meal. Says CEO and founder Charlie MacGregor, ‘We aim to be a social hotspot in the city, where people can meet and inspire one another; and can work as well as relax in a designer environment. In other words: a place where everyone can feel free and at home.’

Interior design by , with  and . The Pool interior design by .


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