The Gate by Tokujin Yoshioka

A striking silhouette is created by 150,000 transparent fibres in The Gate.

On display throughout the summer at the in Shanghai, 'Cartier Time Art - Mechanic of Passion' is a traveling exhibition directed by Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka. Along with the largest Cartier watch collection ever to be exhibited in public, the exhibition showcases two components of the brand; its tradition and its avant-garde ideas for the future.

The overall exhibition set-up is spread out over four spaces. The first three rooms are fairly clinical as unique and delicate watches are encased in vertical display cases, showing Cartier’s quest for perfection through time and culture. This scenography works well focuses the eye on details and objects, not on how the show is spatially organized.

The fourth room, leading to the exit, presents ‘The Gate’, an installation by Tokujin Yoshioka comprising out of 150,000 transparent fibres. After the darkness, this transparent and bright space is intended as an experience walking into the future. The installation flows and is tactile – and has a charming cloudlike feel to it – but ultimately, suspending cords from the ceiling is neither artistically or architecturally a novel thing. Despite promising avant-garde ideas, ‘The Gate’ unfortunately proves to be a more generic than genuinely inspiring installation.

Photos Tokujin Yoshioka Inc.

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