The Fox’s Den by Zim&Zou for Hermès

The sophisticated fox has settled in the Hermès store of Paseo de Gracià in Barcelona.

French studio depict the tale of a fox in their crisp and colourful shop window for . Consuming a total of 68 tubes of glue, 144 large sheets of paper and over 50 days of work from duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman, the window display tells the story of a fox – made completely out of leather offcuts from Hermès’ workshops – who has set up home in the brand’s Barcelona store.

Hermès accessories aside, all of the fox’s belongings have been hand crafted by the designers out of paper. Choosing the paper for its versatility and unique qualities, the designer's work captures how the material can create edgy shapes and crisp lines when sculpted and photographed. Instead of recreating the cave where most foxes would most-likely reside, the Nancy-based duo created a more humanly hide-out, one that highlights and personifies the fox’s sophisticated and intelligent character.

Hermès prides itself on its heritage of craftsmanship, which makes Zim & Zou’s paper sculptures a natural fit for the brand. The luxury label also worked with the agency in 2013 to create a lavish and colourful .

Photos Nacho Vaquero

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