The Energy Collection by Marjan van Aubel

‘Imagine if every object worked as a solar cell,’ van Aubel questions.

Royal College of Art graduate Marjan van Aubel has created a collection of  tablewares capable of absorbing energy from light.

Each of van Aubel’s solar glassware cups and plates can absorb energy all the time – even when not in use – thanks to built-in solar cells. These Synthesized Solar Cells use the properties of colour to collect an electrical current, similar to how chlorophyll can absorb light energy in plants.

When the products are placed in a special cabinet for storage, the cupboard itself collects the energy and stores it until required; items like phones and lights can be plugged into the cabinet to harvest this energy. Meanwhile, the tablewares absorb energy from natural sunlight and diffused light, meaning they can be used both indoors and outside.

The Energy Collection can be seen at (Battersea) until 1 July.

Photos courtesy

Testbed 1 & 2
33 Parkgate Road
London SW11 4NP

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