Takehiko Nez Architects defines Vision Atelier's salon interior with mirrors and plants

Vision Atelier's salon opened its doors in Kofu, Japan.

KOFU – After a handful of interventions by Takehiko Nez Architects, the Vision Atelier hair salon opens its doors with refreshed scenery in Kofu.

In both 2003 and 2010, the Japanese practice adjusted and altered the same interior space in a suburban area of Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture. Originally converted from a former jewellery shop to a hair salon and followed by subsequent extensions, the latest renovating act revisits the venue's atmosphere. Maintaining thematic coherence and continuity, the updated design integrates new elements with existing site conditions.

Numerous plants are scattered across the salon to evoke an outdoors environment, their hanging foliage multiplied by reflection through a setting of mirrors. St-Wd by a contemporary black steel structure which traverse the interior space, the series of mirrors and textured glass screens separate individual stations, preserving a sense of privacy for customers. Areas dedicated to washing, cutting and waiting are defined into zones with diverse floor surfaces, changing between cedar planks, walnut parquet and stone tiles. Worn brick and exposed concrete walls wrap the entire space. Magazines display on minimal plinths which project from the concrete surface of mortar joints. and interrupted in many points by technical elements left exposed to suggest an unfinished appearance.

Photos Tomohiro Saruyama

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