Suspend your disbelief: WGNB designs on the ceiling

Seoul – How do you divide an open plan retail space so that the display system remains flexible and adaptable to in-store events? If you’re WGNB, you let a lottery game decide for you.

The Seoul-based studio drew inspiration from Ghost Leg, Amidakuji, or Ladder Climbing – a game used in China, Japan and Korea to help players make decisions by creating random pairings between the players and the things to be distributed. Called Ladder Climbing in Korea due to the ladder-like vertical and horizontal lines used in the game, WGNB’s interpretation for multi-brand store Untitledot utilizes large metal rails with attached strips of neon lighting.

Situated in one of the city’s trendsetting, fashionable areas, Untitledot is divided into three zones: the retail display area, the fitting rooms, and the bar. Instead of working out a floor plan, WGNB aimed higher – transforming the store ceiling into a flexible display system. The rails run through the entire space, intersecting with the ceiling beams. 150-cm-wide hangers with an adjustable mechanism allow Untitledot to adjust the vertical position of the items, creating a multilayered visual landscape of floating garments in the open plan space.

The display system allows the store to spatially adapt to launch parties and other events, as the display of the various brands can change or even disappear completely when all hangers are gathered on one side of the rails. Minimalist aesthetics and a grey-hued palette – with the only exception being a bright yellow door – echo a soft, serene atmosphere throughout.


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