SuperLimão Studio's rustic yet playful design unveils an authentic Brazilian eatery

RIO DE JANEIRO – Riba's  bohemian kitchen has settled itself into Leblon, the lively and cosmopolitan corner of Rio de Jenerio. Sao Paulo-based SuperLimão Studio designed the small space in order to realise an authentic Brazilian eatery that is rich in details. The design team collaborated with the local architect Andre Piya and Laika Design, the firm responsible for the branding and visual identity.  

The rustic sobriety of the concrete is brought to life by playful, bright tiles that line the facade of the bar. The stark contrast is also used to depict Brazilian culture in addition to symbolising the welcoming and friendly nature of Rio's locals. Peeling walls add to the unrefined nature of the building and reveal its structure, magnifying the heart and soul of Riba – its kitchen.

By blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior, the designers have essentially made the restaurant an extension of the sidewalk. Its open plan structure – there is not a door in sight – establishes a light and breezy atmosphere. The accessibility of the space is similarly intended to feel welcoming and invite people in. An eclectic variety of tables and furniture adds to the laid-back atmosphere in order to prompt socialising and chatter among customers. All in all, the design features come together to produce an easy going environment that is recognised as a charming resident of the neighbourhood. 

Photos Maíra Acayaba

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