Sunday Books: Spotlight on Bright 2

St-W's newest book – Bright 2 – is brimming with illuminating perspectives (pictured: visuals designed by Christine Lyschik; photo: Thomas Giegerich).

A medley of inspiring light projects from all over the world has been gathered together in one glorious book for your delectation! Bright 2 is released this week. For this article, we decided to pick out a selection of striking projects across the full spectrum that provide illuminating perspectives.

In (almost) a rainbow of colours, these light installations feature eye-catching forms that were presented in public forums – from museums, festivals and contemporary spaces – capturing the feeling of how light and projections can elevate an event. Bright 2 reflects the current role of lighting as a multifaceted design element, showcasing 44 illustrated projects by artists, designers and manufacturers who are setting trends in the creative use of light. It is truly magical medium for creative experimentation that today’s designers are using to produce exciting work and sculpt eye-catching scenarios.

Brimming with inspirational visuals, the 8-page articles in the book not only demonstrate the dazzle, spectacle and lure of the bright lights in the big cities, they also contain informative technical details about how the installations and architectural projects were realised. This title is an up-to-date reference tool for professionals working with light in design, architecture and the artistic fields, and anyone looking to be illuminated with inspiration.

Click here to go our online shop and purchase your copy, or go here for further information  about the book.

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