Studiofibre creates order out of Chaos

LONDON – In Selfridges Accessories Hall, Studiofibre’s pint-sized pop-up for accessories brand Chaos makes the most of every inch.

Studiofibre’s 20-sq-m pop-up for Chaos – which sells luxury phone and travel accessories – features a myriad of multifunctional elements to work within the design area limitations. A white display wall masks generous storage behind it, while a custom-made curved plinth stores a small collection of high-end luggage. Meanwhile, a burnished gold mirrored wall amplifies the space and doubles as a polished display for an alphabet of chenille luggage tags.

The design of the pop-up reflects the ethos of Chaos; the new brand focuses on technology, fashion and customization of products – all with a light-hearted touch. The space features a playful pink lamb’s-wool bench and two of Chaos’s signature upside-down gold A’s, which house a product display and a cash desk.

The pop-up launched in mid-November and runs until mid-January 2017.

Photos Pantling Studio

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