Studio RHE designs with data in a cross-pollination of user and co-working space

London – Studio RHE follows its people-centric redesign of Huckletree Shoreditch – featured in St-W 119 – with the co-working space’s new White City location. The London-based studio takes the same approach within the Alphabeta building, using data of people’s movements to build a flexible workspace to suit the lifestyles of those who inhabit it.


Designed with the modern nomadic worker in mind, Huckletree’s new location is tailored to start-ups and entrepreneurs, while providing the bells and whistles expected of a tech-giant, such as meditation areas and recording booths.

The lively 2,834-sq-m workspace combines colourful graphics, an open layout, and cosy chill-out areas. Embedded smart systems allow members access to the building and track their usage of every square metre – further expanding the database that can inform future workplace evolution. Studio RHE responds to the data by increasing the frequently visited informal spaces and reducing the sparsely traversed formal conference rooms, catering to what founder Richard Hywel Evans refers to as ‘the evolving tastes and needs of the millennial workforce’.

Huckletree Shoreditch’s diverse clientele of footwear designers, app developers, and virtual reality pioneers – amongst others – can enjoy the auditorium, No-Tech Meditation Yurt, Rec Room, and Podcast Booth which complete the multifunctional complex. Monochromatic rooms and pockets of sunken seating complement quirky spaces, bold colours, and loud patterns – offering distinct niches within an open layout. The concoction of different environments and settings to suit a range of energies speaks to the target demographic’s cross-disciplinary curiosity and quest for flexibility at work and beyond.

The community of creators who use Huckletree’s future-forward space to meet their needs simultaneously generate data that contribute to its design; thus creating a symbiotic relationship between space and user.

To read more about Studio RHE’s innovative design approach for Huckletree, pick up a copy of in the St-W Store today.


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