Store concept by Checkland Kindleysides delivers an urban edge for fashion brand

LONDON – Design firm Checkland Kindleysides has created an urban, digital-savvy store for the re-imagined retail environment of fashion brand Warehouse. The updated flagship in London balances modernity with a gritty character in order to embody a raw representation of the city.

The implementation of a customer journey, digital integration, innovative materials and an urban colour palette come together to fabricate a compelling brand experience. The store that feels like a continuation of the street. Joe Evans, creative director at Checkland Kindleysides, comments: ‘The design is defined by spaces between spaces. Channelling the energy of the city, we bring the outside in to create an interior that is totally dynamic and new.’

As visitors venture through the space, an exploration of the city is ever present. Visuals of architectural buildings that open up to a bright sky ensure each customer feels a connection to the urban surroundings. To add authenticity to the stores, materials such as polycarbonate sheets set against a timber structure are used for the buildings, whilst the sky installation is constructed from a narrow light box that is suspended from the ceiling. All in all, a sensorial experience is created to blur the lines between the outside and inside.

The incorporation of digital interfaces merely heightens the illusion of the street being inside. A graphical representation of flying birds moves from screen to screen, enticing the consumer to follow them around the space. Light boxes are also dotted around the store providing visual backdrops of the interior city’s scenery and skyline. To intensify the urban atmosphere, the materials used were selected based on their industrial uses and placed in the retail environment in an innovative way to give a dynamic and layered texture. In terms of colour, a moody palette is brought to life by infusions of bold hues, including the yellow street markings and the blue of the sky. 


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