Steininger's Rock.Air outdoor kitchen fires up on Austria's snow-capped slopes

ZILLERTAL – Unveiled at an elevation of 2000 m, atop Tirol's snow-capped mountain, Steininger's latest outdoor kitchen Rock.Air is the next iteration of the brand's award-winning Rock series. Opaque and transparent cubes are lined up, containing all of the functions of an interior kitchen albeit on the slopes of the Austrian Alps.

Currently in its third generation, kitchen manufacturer Steininger is a family founded and run operation all from its hometown of St Martin in Upper Austria. Trained as a carpenter and currently serving as designer and managing director of steininger.designers, Martin Steininger rejects handcrafted banality, especially in regards to the materialisation of a home's heart: the kitchen. When speaking about the Rock.Air series, Steininger explains: 'It has the typical 'Steininger-like' purist look.'

Treated like small architecture, the elements of a Steininger kitchen exude elegance but, most importantly, longevity. Achieving timelessness, components are shaped with durable materials and encase ultimate functionality. Tinted glass or stainless steel coated with anthracite (a high-tech nano layer of glass ceramic) is weather resistant as well as – most important for an outdoor kitchen's long-term survival – salt water-induced corrosion for the coastal chefs. Each block has an integrated cover which can be lifted and slid back to add an additional planar surface set at a height of 110 cm, with a working counter of 90 cm revealed in the process.

'The Rock.Air outdoor kitchen offers all the essential functions you would expect from an interior kitchen.' Although aesthetically mimicing ice blocks, the cooking components are named for their primary purpose: Rock.Air.Fire presents remote-controlled gas-powered burners and Rock.Air.Cook is a gas barbecue unit which can be customised with various grill attachments. Rock.Air.Store aptly contains cooking utensils, tableware and cutlery while the Rock.Air.Wash combines a sink and dishwasher drawer for the hygienic unit. 

Essential during summer – but less necessary amidst Austria's below-freezing temperatures – Rock.Air.Cool contains a fridge and ice maker. To celebrate the series' debut, show bar keeping master, Segundo Cesar Lizarzaburo Diaz literally fired up cocktails and performer Ali Andress turned the components into musical instruments. Managing director of, Harald Aichinger remarks: 'Anyone can present an outdoor kitchen in summer. We wanted to show that you can and should cook outside all year round – no matter where.'

Photos Robert Gortana, courtesy of steininger.designers gmbh

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