Static Bubbles

The nets are usually used to protect fruit and vegetables from wind and animals; now they are sculptural objects.

Just in time for , Japanese studio is heading to Paris with a special exhibition.

Static Bubbles will show at the and includes three new collections of furnishings.

In Innerblow Collection was inspired by the way professional glassblowers work with molten glass using their breath to blow certain shapes. After expanding the glass into a square metal form, Nendo left the glass and form in place (as opposed to removing the glass) to create a table.

The Overflow Collection includes 12 tables made when free-flowing liquid hardened in place, forming the tabletops. The unique forms were made when heated glass onto a frame with one section missing; the molten liquid ran into the missing section and was then hardened in place.

The Farming Net Collection includes lamps, tables, vases and bowls made from agricultural nets that were heated and warped into place. 'Gently wrapping something and close attention to surface texturs endow these objects with a very particular sense of expression found only in Japan, since ancient times,' Nendo representatives say.

Static Bubbles will run from 21 January to 3 March.

Photos courtesy Hiroshi Iwasaki.

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