Soft Fold Cabane

The temporary space can be dismantled and carried from place to place.

A temporary space is inviting users to relax in a cozy, cocoon-like environment .

The Soft Fold Cabane is made of recycled antique wood that designers and turned into a foldable structure.

‘The origin of the wood is unknown, but we’re guessing it had a previous life as fishing tent,’ the designers say. ‘We were inspired to revive this amazing structure, examining its particular qualities and reinterpreting them for contemporary contexts.’

Now filled with duvets, a reading table, low bend and lamp, the hybrid space is especially welcoming for people hoping to relax and read.

‘The structure is a movable room that can be carried from place to place,’ and say. ‘Our next Cabane will be about exploring the potential of this idea.’

The structure will be exhibited at the exhibition (created in collaboration with ) at , on now until 10 June.

MUDAM Luxembourg
3 Park Dräi Eechelen
L-1499, Luxembourg

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