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‘In various colour nuances and variation possibilities, together with the carpets, the boxes form colourful islands in an otherwise grey world,’ Dellensen says.

Dutch design studio has created a colour-filled workspace for Combiwerk Delft, a company that employs people with physical, psychological and mental limitations.

The office is located in a large grey structure by . Despite the monochromatic grey exterior, the office interior – which spans 4000-sq-m – not only includes welcome pops of colour, but offers a simple way of dividing sections for the employees.

‘When guests enter, they are surprised by colourful islands which are placed freely in the space and only show themselves after guests enter the premises,’ says designer Jeroen Dellensen of i29. ‘In an almost fairytale-like way, the building contains a secret garden full of colour and vitality, which is a wonderful reference to the contrast between external appearances and inner richness.’

The designers say the concept was inspired by ’s ambition to train mentally and physically challenged people for integration into workplaces. ‘Despite the limited resources and a clear wish for a sober approach, the building and decoration had to radiate quality,’ they say. ‘It had to convey attention and involvement, in order to stimulate a sense of pride in its users.’

Photos courtesy i29.

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