Size Matters Exhibition Curated by Nathalie Zonnenberg

The minimal art exhibition at Kunstfort features Navid Nuur's 'Broken Circle', which acts as a neon beacon that attracts the attention of visitors.

When invited curator Nathalie Zonnenberg to create an exhibition on minimal art, she focused on the work of five artists. Recognising the current trends of minimalism, the exhibition showcases work by Eva Berendes, Lucas Lenglet, Navid Nuur, Esther Stocker and Remco Torenbosch.

Objectivity, seriality, reproducibility and participation are formal features that can be traced to minimalism, an art form that has strong origins in the American visual arts of the 1960s. The works on show, created specifically for the exhibition, take these aspects and give them a new meaning. The title of the exhibition, Size Matters, is derived from a text by the artist Robert Morris, and refers to the physical sensation that art can generate and the importance of human dimensions. Comments Zonnenberg, 'This exhibition examines how such a legacy plays a role in the work of a younger generation of artists, and corresponds with similar developments in art and design. The physical relationship between body and artwork, the 'Gestalt', plays a crucial role.'

The historic fort is an ideal location for the exhibition, which opened on 6 July. The characteristic areas of Kunstfort offer a challenging context for the system of minimal art, one that is transformed over time. Visitors are wowed by Esther Stocker's intervention in the Postern (central space) of the fort with a three-dimensional grid of geometric pieces laid out in front of them. At the far end of the cavern-like room, the red light of Navid Nuur's 'Broken Circle' lures them forward to investigate further, before moving on to seek out the work of the other artists in adjoining rooms. The opening culminated in a public performance of Nuur's 'Monochrome', executed by Joost Nieuwenburg. A canvas, previously impregnated following another blue smoke-bomb performance, is on show as part of the exhibition.

The works on show include:

  • Eva Berendes – 'Wednesday'
  • Lucas Lenglet – 'Canary in a Coalmine'
  • Navid Nuur – 'Broken Circle', 'Emergency Exit', 'Monochrome'
  • Esther Stocker – 'Triangle versus Rectangle'
  • Remco Torenbosch – 'Miner', 'Salarium'

The labyrinth of arched spaces and long corridors at Kunstfort will be home to the exhibition for the duration of the summer, making it an ideal daytrip from Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Size Matters runs until 31 August 2014.

Fortwachter 1
2141 EE Vijfhuizen

Images courtesy of the gallery.

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