Sheltered Exhibition

For each visitor, the project activates or reactivates the primary tools of space analysis.

A pavilion in Bucharest is attempting to make people recognize and confront the basics of human space.

The Sheltered structure is divided into two segments. The first is a type of structure made of narrow or wide spaces formed by black 5mm-thick neoprene walls, which are flexible enough to allow visitors to exit through a small opening. This allows the guests to experience their minimum requirements for personal space.

The second segment involves a ‘game’ in which players are encouraged to create their own scenarios of space occupancy in a predetermined grid, using an array of human posture representations.

‘Our goal is to make visitors think about their relationships with their immediate space or personal space,’ says designer Robert Marin of . ‘The way we acknowledge our relationship with our immediate boundaries is definitive in our positioning in today's world.’

The exhibition can be seen at Center for Contemporary Art & Culture until 29 April.

Photos courtesy Cosmin Dragomir.

Sos. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 1
(Piata Victoriei)

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