Shedding Skin by Ghostpoet

Shedding skin for the sake of art on Ghostpoet's album cover.

British musician Obaro Ejimiwe, aka , went further than most in the pursuit of his art when he contributed his own skin cells to create the cover for his third album, which was released earlier this year.

The theme of the new record is about the idea of shedding the past and is entitled Shedding Skin, which is literally what Ejimiwe did when he began collaborating with researchers at University College London. It was after he saw the intricate details of skin biopsies that he decided to use this as a key visual for his own album cover. ‘I am of the mind to be as hands-on as possible as I look at it as another avenue to be creative – be it the music or the artwork’.

The concept in principal sounds great, though actually going through with getting a chunk of his skin cut out might have been a step too far for most. When the stained cells came back from the lab, he was amazed: ‘They just looked beautiful... like paintings.’ Enthused by this project and the scope for such creative collaborations between science and art, Ejimiwe explains more about the process in this video:


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