Shanghai Museum Of Glass

The museum pays homage to Shanghai’s extensive glass-blowing history; it reflects the essence of Shanghai today, where glass-clad skyscrapers dominate the cityscape.

Shanghai’s new Museum of Glass represents the city’s historical ties with craftsmanship and style, plus a regeneration of China’s financial capital.

It’s location is fitting; constructed in a former glass factory, the museum pays homage to China’s extensive history in glass-making. Its gleaming façade is also working to boost the area’s revitalization.

Inside, the museum’s interactive approach invites guests to engage their senses throughout the space while exploring technologically-savvy displays. Massive showcases undoubtedly intrigue, such as digital displays that describe the molecular makeup of the medium.

Meanwhile, a temporary exhibition space will host a rotating roster of international artists who work with glass. A number of installations target young children, including a floor-to-ceiling LED screen that bridges the museum’s areas.

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