Seat shower streams water while sitting comfortably

Dornbracht's Comfort Shower and Leg Shower is a unique spa option – a seated water experience. Photo Thomas Popinger

Standing while showering is so 2012. That was until Dornbracht unveiled the first horizontal shower. Soon, laying down while showering will be supplemented with another option: sitting. With Dornbracht’s Comfort Shower and Leg Shower launching in autumn 2015, it’s finally time to take a seat and lean back.

A waterfall fixture equipped with Dornbracht's Pearlstream mode lets water droplets envelop the body, gently landing upon the skin like a light drizzle. Streams of water not only fall from above but are directly aimed at the lower legs for a revitalizing hydro-massage. In unison, two additional waterbars shoot powerful jets of water to stimulate and loosen back muscles. Positioned within the seat itself, the optional Leg Shower feature aims four waterbars towards the calf muscles, sending bursts of cold or hot water for post-workout spa relief.

Integrated Smart Tools remember choreographed programs which play a range of flow modes to de-stress or energise the user. The luxury of a holistic experience for the mind, body and soul becomes a personal health strategy, improving daily quality of life through the power of water.

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