Schemata Architects stimulates senses at CABANE de ZUCCa's Daikanyama store

Proliferating their scheme unveiled at CABANE de ZUCCa at Parco Shibuya, Schemata Architects’ installation of irridescent frames is back in full force at the Japanese fashion brand’s Daikanyama location.

Galvanized steel frames – a rarely used material implemented inside the brand's Omotesando flagship during Jo Nagasaka's high school days – left an impression on the architect's budding creativity. 'The impression of the shop space still remains vivid in my memory,' says Nagasaka, founder of Schemata Architects. To imbue the lackluster glavanized scheme with a fresh energy, the firm resolved to 'design a space that is simple and sophisticated while also stimulating our senses in a new way.' Performing double duty as a shelf and rack system, the chromate-treated steel grid becomes the heart of Nagasaka's retail scheme for both Zucca's Parco Shibuya and Daikanyama stores. The interior framework embodies Zucca's fashion cry – surrounding the brand's 'wearers with a calm feeling and sense of delight'. 

Differing from Parco Shibuya's store-in-store layout, the Daikanyama shop’s street-facing entrance presented its own set of architectural limitations. To navigate the differences, Jo Nagasaka tailored the internal framework to clarify the entry space. With ample ceiling height, a taller two-storey structure envelopes a gallery which displays collaborations with other brands.

'We needed to use panels in this shop, which were new elements never used in the Parco Shibuya shop,' says Nagasaka. 'We thought of ways to utilize and combine existing materials – concrete, chromate treated steel and white steel sheets – and came up with the idea of combining concrete and plywood from recycled formwork.' Poured concrete stands and their original wooden formworks are used together as furniture displays, minimizing the project's waste by using both elements. According to Nagasaka, the pair of retail interiors are not necessarily representative of a long-term vision for the brand's future boutiques, but he intends to 'propose design that Zucca can refer to as their standard for a certain period of time.'

Photos Takumi Ota

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