Schemata Architects collaborates with KHA studio for the first flagship store of mintdesigns

TOKYO – Eclectic and quirky garments are brought to the forefront of the first ever flagship store of fashion brand mintdesigns, in the Aoyama neighbourhood of Tokyo. Schemata Architects has utilised the high visibility of the interior to create a space whereby the entire shop transforms into a vast window display. Allowing passers-by to admire the collection without even setting foot in the door. The exposure of the space leaves room to play with the layout, generating new window arrangements on a daily basis.

The retail space was born from a collaboration between Jo Nagaska of Schemata Architects and Keisuke Hatakenaka of KHA studio. In order to equip the versatility of the window displays, the store is fitted with adjustable hanger-rack systems incorporating 3D-printed joints to create a connection in four directions. These design features conceptually align with the brand’s value placed on newness and even the freshness the label’s own name suggests.

By juxtaposing the industrial concrete setting, next to sleek fixtures and fittings, a visually intriguing contrast is created. The stark whiteness of the walls heightens the feeling of an open atmosphere, as well as providing the collection’s bold patterns with a blank canvas to speak for themselves. Overall, a minimalistic yet elegant approach in design has created a timeless home for a timeless product that is not confined to the category of fashion. 

Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architects is interviewed for the current issues of St-W#112 and Mark #63. Find your copy in the 

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