Reykjavik House by Moomoo Architects

A sliding exterior panel can be closed in winter, covering the massive window and increasing insulation.

REYKJAVIK – A sleek, monochromatic white house in Reykjavik blends with its surroundings.

‘The main idea of the project is a terrace wall, pulled from the house and bended in a way that it looks like it came out from the landscape,’ says architect Lukasz Pastuszka of Lodz-based Moomoo Architects. ‘This manipulation of the shape of the house blur the border between the house and the surrounding area.’

Exterior glazing is able to slide, opening in warm months to reveal windows or closing in winter to increase insulation and further blend the form with the landscape.  

The minimalistic house fills its plot of land to its maximum dimensions, spanning 220-sq-m. Two sides with windows have been strategically placed to offer endless views; the other two sides with almost no windows offer residents a sense of privacy from neighbours.  

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