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‘Emotional’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘sophisticated’ are the keywords behind the design of the colourful, ambient Palomba Collection.

Ever stop to consider how much time you spend in the bathroom? Washing, bathing, brushing your teeth, dressing, applying make-up, taking a quiet break . . .  According to Italian designer Roberto Palomba, though we may be unaware of it, the bathroom is our safe haven. It’s where we go to find ourselves at the beginning and end of each day.

Kartell by Laufen

Several years ago, it dawned on Kartell owner Claudio Luti that his company could make an essential contribution to the bathroom sector. Laufen was the logical choice. The Swiss firm had years of experience in the top market segment, and its latest technological revolution, SaphirKeramik offered bathroom designers new opportunities for working with ceramics.

Points of Departure

A number of things were clear from the start. Kartell’s expertise was to extend further than the development of a line of accessories. The goal was an integrated and complete bathroom project that would be both a combination and a foundation. Not a plastic bathroom but a synthesis of the plastics that have made Kartell successful and the ceramics that are synonymous with Laufen. The price range would be mid-high.

No Cacophony

The result is ‘happy’, says Palomba, without falling into euphoria. ‘And not meant to shock!’ The bathroom as a light, cheerful, emotion-laden sanctuary. Not a cacophonic ensemble but a sophisticated bathroom collection.

Read the complete interview with Roberto Palomba in St-W 92.

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