Rebel Architecture: The Architecture of Violence

Eyal Weizman sees architecture as a possible tool for control and surveillance.

ISRAEL – In the upcoming episode of Rebel Architecture on Al Jazeera, Israeli architect Eyal Weizman explores the role of architecture in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Weizman argues that the built environment in the occupied territories is designed to separate the two populations, while maintaining surveillance and control. ‘Architecture and the built environment is kind of a slow violence,’ he says in the documentary. Explaining his latest research project – called Forensic Architecture – Weizman explores the physical ruins left by the conflict in order to reconstruct the events that transpired within. ‘It’s not more building that is needed here,’ he concludes, ‘but a different approach, for architecture.’

Rebel Architecture: The Architecture of Violence airs today at 22:30 GMT on Al Jazeera English and can be watched online via the .

Photos courtesy of Al Jazeera English

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