Rafael de Cárdenas douses oasis with saturated hues at the Neon Jungle pop-up

MIAMI – Epitomised by the tropics, Rafael de Cárdenas' pop-up lounge at the Miami Design District was conceived with Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Maharam and PopLab. 

Seemingly named as literally as possible, Neon Jungle cites the 'Wild' theme of this years' M&O Americas and fittingly hosts the celebration of Rafael de Cárdenas' designer of the year award. Based on de Cárdenas' reflection on the relativity of colour (, p.132) to a certain time period, this prismatic garden reflects Miami's current state of culture on pleasure and indulgence. 

An interior filled with tropical plants, mirrors, neon lights and a sweeping bar encompassed by custom-designed furniture modules is produced with Miami-based studio Deft Union. Key elements are positioned to correspond and create glossy impressions through colour and light. Neon signs placed between a mirror and a two-way mirror transcends the tubes into an infinity, while the surrounding foliage transports the lounge into a fragmented oasis founded on geometric blocks doused in saturated hues.  


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