Q&A: Marije Vogelzang and What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do will take place in Amsterdam on 16 & 17 May 2013.

At in Amsterdam (16 & 17 May 2013), Dutch designer will talk about food design and its influence on our lives and societies. Vogelzang has been exploring the territory of eating design since graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000, inspired by the many historical, societal and cultural associations of food and its consumption. Her books and explain her philosophy and experimental work in this field.

What Design Can Do is annual event, started by Richard van der Laken in 2011. It brings together inspiring people from a mix of disciplines to think about design with a wider purpose.

How did you become involved with What Design Can Do?
I joined the event last year and I am very interested in the idea of design with a wider purpose. It is very much connected to what I do so when Richard (van der Laken) invited me I felt that this was the right place for me to share my story.

What recent projects will you show that reflect the philosophy of What Design Can Do?
Most of my designs are reflecting this. As a designer I work with food and the act of eating. When you start to work with food you naturally touch on human lives and everything revolving around that. From overeating to farming to politics to rituals and psychology. 

What’s the key message that you want to get across as a speaker?
My aim is to make eating design a serious part of the design profession. Next to fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, space design etc. Eating design is the most human design because we put it inside our bodies. I would think it needs more importance!

Tell us about a project that has had a successful influence beyond design.
My Eat Love Budapest project – where gypsies were hand feeding participants and telling their life stories at the same time – started a new political discussion in Hungary about gypsy integration in a more humane way. 

As a designer, which other discipline would you most like to  team up with for a project?
I would like to team up with psychologists. I am currently developing projects on the act of feeding someone which reveals an infinite amount of psychological layers in both the feeder and person being fed. I think it’s very fascinating.

Which of the other speakers are you most interested to hear from?
I'm looking forward to hearing DUS architects again. I very much like the way they think of architecture in a flexible way.

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