PUMA London

The shop combines city and sports branding, shopping and gaming, plus digital and social experiences.

World-famous sports brand has christened its first ever store in the UK, on London’s famous Carnaby Street.

Unlike its Amsterdam counterpart (also realized by ), the London store aims at celebrating the British capital’s status and the company’s heritage. Of course it boasts a characteristic red phone booth, plus an array of PUMA-clad mannequins turned into a pattern that frames the shop’s entrance.

The brand’s mascot and logo are also revisited in a London fashion, playing with the city’s iconic Underground sign.

’s media-savvy ‘2.0 strategy’ is integrated in the shopping experience through the PUMA Joypad, consisting of 32 digital touch screens on which customers are able to challenge each other at the latest games. Several iPads through make it possible to interact with the brand’s e-commerce site.

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