PKMN enhances domestic spaces with rotating walls

The MJE House utilises mobile walls with built-in furniture in order to maximise space in a small apartment.

ASTURIAS – In the rugged coastline and mountain landscape of northern Spain, an innovative mobile wall system makes its mark in Maria Jose and Enrique’s second family home. Maximising space and providing various functions for the comfort of the family, the MJE House can transform with the push of a hand. Designed by Pequeñas Grandes Casas, which is a sister brand to PKMN architecture, the firm specialises in offering improved domestic space through the use of mobile systems.

The original apartment before refurbishment and renovation had an old and cramped spatial layout. To enhance the family home and bring everyone together, the use of rotating walls with built-in furniture has been incorporated into the new plan. Constructed of a metal structure, the mobile system is linked with electrical lines and lighting systems in order to operate. The new feature allows the owner to pick from three positions, which can offer two bedrooms, one bedroom or one large, open living room. In addition to mobility, incorporated into the walls are beds, storage space, dining room tables and sliding doors, which can be pulled out at any time. Every modular mobile wall system is custom made to ensure that every square metre is efficiently utilised.

Having a sense of flexibility makes the MJE House very accommodating to the user’s direct needs while maximising and improving the layout of the whole apartment. The moving components in the design completely transform the identity of the pre-existing space, making it modern, spacious and more accommodating.

Photos by Javier de Paz

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