Permy Mi Jang Won Salon

Cartoonish graphics fill the space, including the logo of a girl with curlers in her hair.

A quirky, cartoonish hair salon in South Korea is a cheerful surrounding for haircut-goers.

Spanning just 36-sq-m, the shop is divided by a main salon area with smaller annexed rooms for separate treatments. Each of the entrances into these rooms resemble façades.

Two main colours were used throughout the space: white and sky blue; this conveys a ‘present a pure and pleasant feel,’ say designers Young-sub Yun and Kwang-hyun Han of Meanwhile, simple graphics and materials are used, including light fixtures made of translucent upside-down rubbish bins.

Photos courtesy Lee Pyo-joon.

Permy Mi Jang Won Salon
1320-8 Jukjeon-dong
Yongin Si Suji-gu, Gyeonggi-Do
South Korea


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