One Plus Partnership takes the city’s lack of greenery into its own hands

SHENZHEN, China – Living and working in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Shenzhen’s designers, architects and residents are always on the lookout for more greenery amidst the concrete urbanity. Although government efforts are in place to install a growing number of parks, the city is still in lack of sufficient green space. Here to help out, One Plus Partnership brings the green inside as the central theme of the sales office for the developer of Shenzhen Raffles City.

Bold and decadent use of green carpet covers the interior surfaces of the workspace from floor to ceiling. Curvy outlines shape the amorphous interior, with each layer defined by a different colour and texture – running with the idea of a ‘natural’ geologic formation. Each carpet type has different fur lengths, loop piles, and of course, colours to add depth and texture, heightening the effect of different plant varieties.


Artificial trees punctuate the space, with marble steps adding a touch of luxury to the sales office and reinforcing the juxtaposition between polished materials and natural environment. Dim overhead lighting mimics skylights, accentuating the diversity of patterns, shapes, textures and shades of green. Soft and intimate, the palette soothes the mind and eye, almost inviting guests to roll around – or at least be comfortably seated – in the carpet-covered interior. 

Remarkable as it is, it’s hard to be convinced that this sort of design is actually relevant to stressed-out city dwellers. There is a real need for more greenery in the spaces in which we live, work and relax, and it’s difficult to reconcile the stratified green layers and use of marble in the Shenzhen Raffles City sales office with this need for a connection with nature. Then again, One Plus Partnership isn’t actually trying to replace city parks, but perhaps offers a more practical alternative.


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