OMA's art venue proposal The Factory to be built in Manchester

The Factory's monumental scale structure will host a variety of art and cultural activities throughout the year.

Marking their first major public building in the UK, OMA has secured the realization of The Factory, an arts venue in Manchester.

The monumental scale structure will fuse a variety of art and cultural activities, The Factory will host theatrical, musical and dance performances alongside film debuts and TV live streams. As part of the up-and-coming St John's district, the culture-oriented building with join the plans to revitalise to city of Manchester and surrounding region with the construction of residences, workspaces and public gardens.

The arts venue itself builds on the successful biennial Manchester International Festival, forming a year-round platform for events and activities. Accommodating an audience upwards of 7000 people, the venue will energize the northern UK city as a cultural hub. A budget of £110m has been allocated to the project by the government, which hopes to fuel the local economy with the generation of 2500 jobs over a period of ten years. 

Construction is set to begin in 2016 with completion expected in 2019.

Photos OMA, courtesy of The Factory Manchester

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