Olympic Stadium Kiev by GMP

‘The stadium will be an urban landmark in the cityscape of downtown Kiev,’ says architect Volkwin Marg.

KIEV – The Eurocup football tournament begins today – check out the stadium where the winner will be crowned!

While tonight’s opening match will take place in the Warsaw stadium designed by GMP, the championship finale will be held at the Kiev arena by the same firm.  

Kiev's Olympic stadium had been renovated several times in the past 75 years, but its most recent – and most remarkable – transformation was completed in late 2011 in preparation for Euro 2012. The refurbishment involved a modern addition in shape of a white skeleton, installed around and on top of the existing structure. The technical construction carries a membrane-like canopy to shelter spectators.

Dated aspects were completely modernised according to current safety requirements, while an extensive premises was built underneath the western stand to house athletes.

*Click here to see the Eurocup 2012's Warsaw stadium, also by GMP.*

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