Olympic Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture

The prominent suction cups provoke visitors to step inside.

LONDON – Three white ashlars cluttered with colourful knobs will be Magma’s contribution to this year’s sportive playground.

In designing the 2012 Olympics' shooting venue, the Berlin and London-based architects said they wanted the buildings' façades and interiors to reflect the cheerful mood of the occasion and the dynamics of the shooting sport.

The significant design includes three volumes entirely coated in a double curved PVC membrane. The upper red, turquoise and pink holes will serve as ventilation, while the lower ones as entrances.

The client, the Olympic Delivery Authority, wanted sustainable features, so the temporary spaces will be reused for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and can afterwards be reused or recycled.

Photos courtesy of J.L.Diehl

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