Object Dependencies

The collection questions the relationship between furniture and objects.

In addition to its upcoming solo show at , Japanese studio Nendo will be presenting a second solo exhibition at Paris’ .

Titled Object Dependencies, the show will run from 18 January to 17 March, coinciding with the fair. It will present 14 pieces of ‘weak furniture’ that cannot structurally stand on their own unless a specific object is added to the form. The object will also increase stability and contribute other benefits, like changing the angle of light emitted from a lamp or expanding a bookshelf.

‘Originally furniture was structurally complete and was used to hold books, cups and other objects,’ say representatives. ‘Object dependencies is an exploration into new forms created by resetting the once-unquestioned relationship between furniture and objects.’

The exhibit was edited by Specimen Editions and will be shown exclusivity by

Photos courtesy Hiroshi Iwasaki.

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