Nightclub Installation by Rafael de Cárdenas for MAD's NYC Makers

The architect integrated experiences of his disco nights in the 80s and 90s for MAD's NYC Makers exhibition.

Personally accustomed to nightclubs of the 80s and 90s, integrated the experiences of those disco nights into his latest transformation, Stepin One 2 for exhibition. Forming the atmosphere of a temple within a gallery space, the layered interior pays homage to New York City's evolved nightlife spirit while accommodating present-day dance club culture. Four columns form an altar at the centre of the room to create a feeling of ascension. Wrapping the perimeter, succulent plants encased by low lighting join the centralized metal and steel construct to alter the energy of the space.

Purple and blue illumination washes the interior for an ethereal aura while symbolically fueling the energy. Strong material patterns and planar shifts distort the sense of perspective. The combination of visual elements removes a sense of reality and introduces fantasy with optical illusions.

NYC Makers exhibition at the MAD Biennial opens 1 July.

Images courtesy of Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large

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