Neri&Hu emancipates the interior of a Shanghai burger joint

SHANGHAI – Neri&Hu hits another home(town) run with Rachel’s, a restaurant that brings the 1950s American burger-joint vibe to Shanghai.

In a city known for its hot, humid summers, the designers intentionally allowed the architecture to spill out into the street by incorporating a façade that opens up to merge interior and exterior.

Not only does the concept give patrons a taste of the outdoors; it also gives the illusion of extra space in one of China’s most densely populated cities. When the folding façade is sealed shut, glass and mirror fulfil the space-stretching role, bouncing both light and views of the surrounding streetscape into the 93-sqm interior. The open-air feel extends to the ceiling, where skylights add a sense of weightlessness to the structure.

In what’s becoming a Neri&Hu signature, flooring moves up to form furniture elements. Here, hand-painted tiles are both underfoot and under table, serving as the bases of custom-designed dining stations. Complete with pivoting bases made from steel, seating can swing this way or that to accommodate groups of various numbers.

Photos Dirk Weiblen

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