Multisensory installation by ART+COM mesmerises audiences with its RGB|CMY Kinetic glow

ART+COM immersed viewers in light, sound and colour at the Sonar festival in Barcelona last month (photo: Mahala Nuuk).

Created by for SonarPLANTA, the RGB|CMY Kinetic installation is a monumental statement and an audiovisual experience that immerses viewers in colour, light and sound.

This kinetic sculpture was revealed to the world at the  in Barcelona last month, where its choreographed movements mesmerised audiences. It consists of five reflective discs suspended in the air, onto which light is projected in the three primary colours from a floor-mounted display. The movement of the discs triggers a third element – sound – which comes in the form of a composition by Icelandic musician Ólafur Arnalds.

The combined installation is a dialogue that takes place between the primary colours (cyan, magenta, yellow) and the additive colours (red, green, blue), with the musical piece created using the data stream produced by the movement of the discs. The kinetic light and art show, powered by industrial-precision machinery and software-control technologies, is inspired by the nature of light.

'This art piece reflects nature through the use of engineering, putting forward a multi-sensory and spatial experience in which the technology is hidden,' comments the ART+COM team. 'RGB|CMY Kinetic is an experimental piece combining different fields that surrender to/give way to a harmonious experience. The mechanical engineering behind the development of the suspension mechanism was directly inspired by the visual potential of movement.'

Photos courtesy of Sonar.

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