Monditalia Stage F by OMA/AMO

Cinema at the Architecture Biennale 2014, Monditalia exhibition, Corderie dell’Arsenale, Stage F. Design OMA/AMO. Photo Giorgio De Vecchi

/AMO’s Monditalia exhibition at the in Venice has begun a screening schedule, showing 22 of the 82 full-length films which are currently projected on screens throughout the Arsenale-Corderie. Stage F has been transformed into a cinema with four screens, with one for an audience in each direction. Italian and international masterpieces as well as undercurrent movies will take to these big screens.

According to the President of the Venice Biennale, Paolo Baratta, Koolhaas’s Monditalia is the first exhibition to integrate all of the Biennale’s sections which includes dance, music, theatre and cinema. Live performances in each sector have been integrated into the Architecture Exhibition alongside research projects which detail the situation in Italy. Serving as an example of the similar, complex reality found throughout the world, the sequence of diverse events are offered as a point of reference for architecture. Viewing the films in their entirety will give visitors another perspective to add to the exhibition's overall message.

Screenings are available to all visitors of the .

The film schedule will run from 15 August until 21 November 2014. 

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